Why join Blue Ox?

Here are some reasons from our own members:

“For fitness, health, accountability, and community. I might do it by myself, but not to the same degree and it wouldn’t be as fun!”

“To get stronger to better enjoy activities in the Teton Valley – hiking, snowboarding, etc. So I can be faster and more awesome at them!”

“I CrossFit because the competition drives me to work harder each time, and the people at Blue Ox motivate me to keep going and keep coming back.”

“It’s fun, hard work, and I see the results.  I push myself more when with a group.”

“The diversity of workouts that are easier with a coach and peer pressure to stay motivated and finish.

“I love strength training..but Blue Ox makes it fun, interested, and challenging all at once.”


What results have our members seen?

“My overall fitness has improved more than I could have ever thought was possible in a short amount of time!”

“Strength – I’ve never had upper body strength before. I’ve learned to push myself in a good way.”

“Stronger! I never thought I could lift what I do!”

“Gained overall core strength, lost a little weight, but mostly transferred over to muscle, so gotten leaner. The workouts have definitely added some balance to the day to blow of some steam/stress.”

“Increased endurance and strength.”

“I have seen that I get stronger with each workout.  I feel more energized and feel that my overall health is better.”

“I’ve become leaner, stronger, and better at everything I do.”

“I can run longer without stopping even though it’s not my favorite – I feel stronger, can lift things better and more easily.  I also check myself before lifting heavy stuff to make sure my form is correct so I don’t get hurt.  Squats have come a LONG way, which will help with snowboarding. I feel like I have more energy overall too.”


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