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Matt Gawlik, CrossFit athlete at CrossFit Dynamo in Cumming, GA.


By Bre Caywood


CrossFit changes lives.

Mine included. However, I have always been an athlete and competed at the collegiate level, so I might not be as credible as some others out there, but I can tell you that I have never been stronger, and more fit than after doing CrossFit. I am sure that I am stronger than I was when I was in college.

But it’s not just athletes doing CrossFit. People of ALL ages, shapes, sizes, and varying abilities are doing CrossFit family fitness and it is changing their lives too.

Start at CrossFit321 in Brunswick, Maine. Brunswick is small, quaint coastal Maine town, north of Portland, and home to amazingly talented shipbuilders, as well as Bowdoin College. I used to work in Brunswick for an aircraft manufacturer that set up shop in the old Naval Air Station. It is a town full of honest, modest, quality people – much like here in Driggs. Please meet some of their members and learn how CrossFit changed their lives. CrossFit 321 MEMBER STORIES

I understand that CrossFit can come across as aggressive and a little bit intimidating. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. CrossFit can be scaled to any ability – just ask Dale Wittinborn, a 65-year old athlete at CrossFit Olathe. Dale suffered a stroke which left him with limited mobility and feeling in his left side. But that’s not stopping him from CrossFit. Athlete Profile Dale Wittingborn

Nor 13-year old Shea Rocklin.

I have heard some people express reservation about trying CrossFit because of “a bad shoulder,” or “a bad knee.” Well, there are people who only have ONE shoulder or NO good knees and they are still doing CrossFit. Check out adaptive athletes Chris Stoutenberg (wheelchair) Steph Hammerman (cerebal palsy).

And lastly, for you Endurance Athletes who think CrossFit may not be for you, take a moment to listen to Ultra Runner (and 60+ Masters CrossFit Champion) Sharon Lapkoff. She says that, “Any CrossFitter can complete a 50K.” UltraRunner turned CrossFit Masters Champion

So, now, what’s your excuse? Come and check out our fitnessclub today! We’re one of the best gyms for CrossFit as well as fitness classes of many different types. (47 South Main Street in the old Dreamchasers space.)

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