The Three Giants WOD: Saturday, May 23rd, 9:30AM


11059754_1100512966630604_1986129085588067194_o“The Three Giants,” a hero workout for AJ Linnell, Rusty Cheney, and Andy Tyson will be held Saturday May 23rd at 10AM at the Teton High School track. There will be two scaled options, so all abilities are welcome to come participate. Whether you are a CrossFit athlete or not, we would encourage you to come and participate in the event. We will announce the workout Saturday morning, but it is something people of all ages and abilities can come out and enjoy in honor of Teton Valley’s “Three Giants.”

These men were men of the mountains and typically had a pack on their back. Those who plan to do this workout as prescribed, please bring a weighted vest or a backpack with straps that can be loaded with 20lbs of weight (good options for weight include but are not limited to: small weights, chains, rocks, sandbags, heavy duty trash bags filled with sand etc. If you need help filling your pack we can help :-D).

AJ, Rusty, and Andy were all members of Targhee CrossFit. We encourage all of our Blue Ox members to attend and participate in honor of these men. There will be no other Saturday classes.

This is a free event and will start at 10:00am so please plan to arrive by 9:30am to get warmed up and ready!

For more information and to RSVP, check out the event’s Facebook page.

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