What makes us different?

The Teton Valley has no lack of opportunities for fitness and recreation. All most of us have to do is walk out our front door, and we have immediate access to endless roads, trails, river, and in the winter – snow.

The Teton Valley also has its share of gyms.

So why should you come to Blue Ox? What makes us different?


1. Community. All Blue Ox athletes support each other, root for each other, and challenge each other. You will not find a unique environment like this elsewhere.  Your feedback and opinions  matter here.

2. Functional Application. The work you put in at Blue Ox inside will directly transfer to the activities you are doing outside. We stress functional movements, which are universal motor recruitment patterns; they are performed in a wave of contraction from core to extremity; and they are compound movements—i.e., they are multi-joint. They are natural, effective, and efficient locomotors of body and external objects. But no aspect of functional movements is more important than their capacity to move large loads over long distances, and to do so quickly. Collectively, these three attributes (load, distance, and speed) uniquely qualify functional movements for the production of high power. What does this all mean? It means that you will be able to run, bike, hike, and paddle even faster, longer, and with more power.

3. Hot Yoga. We have the only hot yoga heater in the valley. The benefits of hot yoga are many, and include increased flexibility, balance, strength, cardio, healing, and detox. Many athletes swear by hot yoga to  help them loosen up and also rehab injuries.

4. Variety of classes and class times. We encourage everyone to try CrossFit, but realize it’s not for everyone. Therefore, we offer different classes to fit everyone’s needs. We also offer early morning and late evening class times to fit all schedules.

5. Progression. At the Blue Ox, we are all about setting goals, and working towards them. We measure all performance, and are then able to celebrate the progress our athletes accomplish, and the goals they achieve. We want to help you keep moving forward. Your success is our success. Your improvement is our improvement!

6. Oula. Stacey teaches a fun, high-energy dance fitness class for all ages, levels, and abilities. I haven’t yet met anyone (including myself) who hasn’t had a great time, while getting a great workout!

7. Childcare. Blue Ox offers reliable, safe, and caring childcare.

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